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Jesse lives in Toronto. He’s fairly friendly and sometimes even in a good mood. His art is influenced by philosophy, life, wine, and random everyday things.

Ages ago Jesse worked as a graphic designer and an illustrator. In later years he lived in BeiJing where he studied Chinese philosophy and Chinese medicine. While there he also studied traditional Chinese landscape painting. Currently Jesse owns and operates a neurological rehabilitation clinic. If you’re trying to understand how this all makes sense, don’t bother. If you do figure it out, please contact Jesse and explain it to him.

As for the art, think of it as Jesse’s attempt to cleverly, albeit a little cynically, comment on the world around him. It’s the mundane everyday, laced with a dash of the dark side. The artwork itself is kept simple, natural & smaller format because it’s easier that way. The mediums include inkjet prints, gesso, acrylics, gouache, ink, liquid paper, watercolours, tea & ball point pens.