… well kind of, but I did it for you, really. You see, last year at the outdoor art show people kept giving me shit for not doing prints. The reason I haven’t done prints in the past is because it felt cheap and I didn’t want to lessen the value of the originals. However I’ve sold my soul and decided to dabble in special-edition prints! I won’t be making prints of work I’ve already sold so don’t bother asking.

Here’s how this will work, I’ll be making limited edition print runs of some new pieces. They’ll be printed archival style with pigment inks on acid free paper, individually stamped, numbered and signed and blah blah blah all that crap people want to hear.

As for originals, I have another surprise for you… all my recent work is painted on ELEPHANT POO PAPER! No kidding, paper made of shit. Wow, life just couldn’t get any better.

Hopefully I’ll be accepted into the outdoor art show again this summer and then everybody can rejoice in my selling-out-ness and the real pretentious art douchbag collectors out there can fight it out over the ‘shit paper’ originals. A-fucking-men to that.